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we're vecurity

A Security Startup.

Operating from the United Kingdom and Canada, we're on a path to supply transparent and fully fledged, globally distributed network security solutions, taking the complexity out of web-app security.

We protect our customers online, so they can focus on things that are important to them, while we do the heavy lifting.

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our mission?

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Affordable, High Grade Security.

There's no reason why you should break the bank trying to protect you and your platform, hence why we've designed our services to allow for any user case, depending on your needs.

We take the complexity out of getting security, no hastle signups, and ensure easy turn around times.

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why us?


simply said..

You can rely on us.

Vecurity aims to deliver the highest level of protection at the most affordable rates. At Vecurity we are more than just a online bodyguard; we're a partner to help excel the growth of your business by eliminating all liabilities.

  • Network Security
  • Information Security
  • Application Insights
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Anti Ransom
  • Improved Performance
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