Traffic Monitoring

Monitor inbound traffic to all endpoints of your platform, view traffic and real time monitoring logs to ensure your platform is healthy.


How can vecurity help?

Efficiently manage your platform's performance with Vecurity's Traffic Monitoring solution. Gain continuous visibility into incoming traffic across all endpoints, accessing real-time logs for instant health assessments. Uncover invaluable traffic patterns, empowering data-driven decisions that optimize your platform's functionality.

  • Near real time log viewing
  • Summarise all events in one place
  • Analyse your platforms popularity
  • View insightful data about your apps
  • Various analytical views
  • All in one dashboard, ready to go

drill down analytics..

Summarise the Action

We'll provide you with an insightful analytic dashboard that will allow you to view a summarised view of the events, page hits, number of requests, and more.. for your platform, keeping you up to scratch with how your platform is performing.

pioneered intelligence..

Vecurity VISE Integration

Integrate seamlessly with VISE, Vecurity's Visual Security Event system. Monitor actions in real-time through graphical and tabular representations. Dive into historical access logs to investigate concerns. VISE offers streamlined access to summarized event data, page hits, requests, and more. Elevate your platform's analytical capabilities with VISE by Vecurity.

Elevate your platform's analytical capabilities with VISE by Vecurity.


Manage your platform's performance with ease.

Enable data-driven decisions for peak platform performance.