Web Application Firewall

A Web Application Firewall (WAF) is the barrier to prevent unauthorized entries onto your protected network.


How can vecurity help?

With Vecurity's Web Application Firewall, your platform gains comprehensive protection against a spectrum of digital assaults. This includes defense against threats like data theft and unauthorized network access that malicious users often attempt. By leveraging our security measures, you can alleviate concerns regarding platform protection and redirect your focus towards advancing your application with peace of mind.

  • Blocks various attacks
  • Stops common exploits
  • Enhances Data Security
  • Worry free blocking
  • Global Intelligence
  • Stops SQLI, XSS, RCE's and more


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Enhanced Web Firewall

A Web Application Firewall (WAF) acts as a strong barrier, effectively preventing unauthorized access to your protected network. Operating on specified ports, the WAF conducts thorough examinations of incoming traffic data, regardless of its origin. Specifically, it meticulously analyzes the content of HTTP/HTTPS communications, skillfully detecting and filtering out requests that show patterns consistent with suspicious and malicious activities.


leaving your platform..

Remaining Fortified

A robust platform must minimize its attack surface, thereby reducing the potential entry points for attackers. Through Vecurity, you can proactively implement and uphold security rules rooted in contemporary digital exploits. Additionally, you have the capability to deploy supplementary firewall rules tailored to fortify the security of the specific requests your platform anticipates receiving.

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Forefront of Compliance

Vecurity offers comprehensive protection against a range of attacks, including but not limited to SQL Injection, XSS, Buffer Overflow, File Injection, Admin Control Panel Lock Down, Robot Analysis, Hotlinking, Anti Scraping, and False Pings. These defenses collectively contribute to fortifying your platform, effectively preventing digital breaches and safeguarding your valuable data.


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