Content Delivery

Speed is a major factor when converting customers on your website, therefore we aim to significantly enhance the delivery rate for the content and assets on your site by serving assets from a server closer to them.


How can vecurity help?

Content delivery can often pose challenges for businesses, particularly smaller ones that need to allocate their time and resources wisely. That's precisely why we've introduced streamlined processes through our expanding Content Delivery Network (CDN) solution, designed to enhance the speed and efficiency of your application. This empowers you to concentrate on what truly matters for your business.

  • Compeltely automatic
  • Optimal GEO-based Content Delivery
  • Vecurity Handles Request Delivery
  • Deployment from our AnyCast network
  • Faster load times
  • Decrease in server load


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Lightning Fast Speeds

Vecurity will speed up your website with the use of our distributed network of clusters across the globe, allowing us to serve your website from a server that is closer to you. We do this with our AnyCast network. This means that before a visitor reaches your website, our network will identify the best possible server to serve the request from, to speed up your website, reducing latency between the visitor and your platform.


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Minifying Resources & Assets

We can further optimize your web page assets by employing GZIP compression and other tactics, such as converting assets to web-friendly formats. Our Content Delivery Network seamlessly integrates with Vecurity's Caching Solution, an integral component of our comprehensive Content Delivery plan.

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AnyCast CDN

Every visitor will seamlessly pass through our Anycast network, enabling us to pinpoint the optimal server for asset delivery, thereby eliminating latency and enhancing loading speeds for your visitors.


Supercharge Your Website's Performance

Experience Lightning-Fast Content Delivery with Vecurity's CDN Solution