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Uninterrupted Play

In the gaming industry, uninterrupted service and fast response times are non-negotiable. Vecurity’s CDN and Caching solutions minimize load times, while our specialized DDoS protection keeps platforms stable and accessible, even during peak traffic. Real-time Traffic Monitoring and Event Notifications keep you ahead of any security incidents, ensuring a seamless gaming experience for your users.


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Protect Against Flood Protection

Vecurity's multi-layered Flood Protection offers the gaming industry a defense against disruptive DDOS attacks. By safeguarding gaming servers with advanced threat mitigation techniques, Vecurity ensures that gamers enjoy uninterrupted gameplay. This level of protection is crucial for maintaining online game integrity and providing a seamless experience for players around the world.

  • DDOS Resilience: Provides high-level protection to maintain constant game server uptime.
  • Seamless Player Experience: Ensures smooth gameplay without the disruption of service outages.

Regional Control with Region Block

Vecurity’s Region Block empowers gaming platforms to manage geographic access with precision, enhancing regulatory compliance and reducing latency for local players. Tailor player access based on real-world locations to create a customized gaming environment. This control is vital for publishers looking to manage game distribution and adhere to regional licensing and content restrictions.

  • Customizable Geographic Restrictions: Allows for precise control over who can access your game based on location.
  • Compliance and Performance: Ensures your gaming platform meets regional laws and provides optimized experiences for local players.


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Anycast CDN

In the gaming world, speed is non-negotiable. Vecurity's Anycast CDN delivers game content with the lowest possible latency, ensuring that players get the fast-paced experience they demand. By caching game content closer to players, Vecurity reduces load times and lag, providing a competitive edge to gaming companies seeking to deliver exceptional player experiences.

  • Low-Latency Networking: Offers a faster connection to provide a smooth gaming experience.
  • Scalable Content Distribution: Efficiently handles surges in player traffic during game launches and updates.
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