Region Blocking

Boost your platform's performance by reducing excess load and securing content access to the intended audience, ensuring optimal efficiency and precision.


How can vecurity help?

In certain instances, you might find it necessary to restrict access to your platform from specific countries due to legal, regulatory, or deliberate reasons. This is where Vecurity comes in with a refined solution, offering a streamlined process to effectively block access from undesired countries to your application.

  • Stops threats from unauthorised locations
  • Control who can see your content
  • Block entire countries
  • Stay compliant and secure
  • Fully configurable.
  • Redirect and manage traffic


manage traffic..

Regionally and Globally

Utilizing Vecurity, you gain the capability to simultaneously block multiple countries for each distinct endpoint of your platform. This empowers you to operate on the basis of whitelisting or blacklisting as needed. Additionally, Vecurity's versatility extends to enabling the targeted restriction of access to particular subdomains, rather than a blanket block.

As a result of these measures, any visitors from the designated blocked countries will encounter an empty page. This proactive approach ensures that all connections originating from these countries are intercepted and terminated before they even reach your website.


Digital Border Control

Maximize your website's reach with Vecurity's geo-targeting technology, designed to streamline your audience's access while adhering to geo-compliance regulations. Our geo-fencing solutions offer unparalleled precision in digital border control, ensuring your content is available to the intended demographic.


Block Uninvited Visitors With Complete Ease

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