Bot Assessment

Our Bot Assessment solution adeptly manages a wide range of digital entities, including bots, web scrapers, form spammers, product price trackers, web crawlers, and more.


How can vecurity help?

Did you know that not all bots are malicious? This is why we refrain from an all-out crackdown on online robots. Instead, we have implemented sophisticated processes and tools to systematically identify robots and continuously evaluate their behavior within the Vecurity infrastructure.

Through Vecurity's Digital Robot Assessment, your SEO performance remains unaffected when using our services to safeguard your digital applications. Furthermore, we can pinpoint and thwart deceptive clicks on your platform originating from online marketing efforts, thereby safeguarding your marketing budget from misuse by abusive robots.

  • Block common scraping scripts
  • Identify bots and handle them accordingly
  • Mange bots in real-time
  • No effect on SEO
  • We'll given false hope to threats
  • Minimise risk of attackers


protect your data..

Slow down Web Scrapers

By leveraging our advanced bot assessment technology, we proactively counter common web-scraping methods, crucial for safeguarding businesses. Our solution ensures the efficient allocation of server resources, preserving them for legitimate user interactions, thus enhancing both the performance and security of your web platform.


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Robot Assessment

Vecurity has pioneered real-time bot management, meticulously tracking their activities from the moment they request access to your customer platform until they depart. Our continuous monitoring enables the creation of comprehensive profiles for each bot, allowing us to adapt and optimize our response strategies dynamically. This proactive approach ensures not only immediate threat mitigation but also long-term security and performance enhancements for your platform, delivering a robust defense against evolving bot threats.

handle bots properly..

Reduce Bandwidth & Costs

Through Vecurity's Digital Robot Assessment, your SEO performance remains unscathed when you choose our services to shield your digital applications. Moreover, we possess the capability to detect and thwart false clicks stemming from online marketing campaigns, safeguarding your marketing budget from falling victim to abusive bots. This approach ensures a more efficient allocation of your marketing resources, ultimately enhancing your digital presence and ROI.


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