Virtual Intelligence Security Endpoint (VISE)

Observe, investigate, manage and interrogate your platform infrastructure from Vecurity VISE, the future of application security management.


what is it?

Vecurity VISE

VISE is a pre-defined, bespoke security admin panel curated by vecurity, that attaches to your website as a subdomain, to manage your platforms security with ease..

  • Uniquely produced network security Edge URL
  • Enhanced SSO Authentication
  • Segregated Security, on your own platform
Experience VISE

It's as easy as 3.


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You enroll your platform to be secured by us.


We perform a scan, and you adjust your DNS.


We confirm the changes, and you start to manage your platform.

save time..

Focus on what's important

Feel at ease when using vecurity, we aim to keep users stress free from cyber attacks, allowing you to worry about one less thing.

  • Automated blocking & NOC monitoring
  • Instant Event Notifications to multiple points of contact.
  • Configure security platform thresholds

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