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Customer Sentric Security

Vecurity understands that trust is the foundation of ecommerce. Our SSL Certificates and robust WAF protect customer transactions, while AI-powered Threat Profiling and Bot Assessment preserve the integrity of online interactions. Trigger Mitigation and Flood Protection guard against DDoS attacks, ensuring your ecommerce platform remains available and reliable for customers around the clock.


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Real-Time Threat Management

Vecurity provides Real-Time Threat Management, a vital safeguard for ecommerce platforms. Our system persistently scans your digital terrain, employing models to detect anomalies and potential hazards. We activate a proactive stance against complex cyber threats, ensuring the resilience of your ecommerce activities, the security of customer data, and the continuity of your business operations.

  • Machine Learning Vigilance: Our AI-driven systems constantly learn and adapt, identifying threats before they strike.
  • Business Continuity Assurance: With Vecurity, your ecommerce platform remains robust and secure, sustaining your operational flow.

Transaction Guardian

Vecurity's Web Application Firewall (WAF) stands as a digital bastion for your ecommerce business, crafted to secure your online transactions. Our WAF acts as a shield, meticulously inspecting incoming traffic to intercept and neutralize web-based threats before they can reach your network. With Vecurity's WAF, you ensure that every purchase and user interaction on your platform is protected, building trust and reliability that converts visitors into loyal customers.

  • Seamless Integration: Effortlessly integrates with your ecommerce infrastructure, ensuring security without compromising user experience.
  • Customizable Security Rules: Tailors protection measures to fit the unique security needs of your ecommerce platform, providing flexible and adaptive defense mechanisms.


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Anycast CDN

Vecurity's CDN elevates your website's loading speeds and overall performance, a pivotal factor for customer retention and boosting SEO stature. Utilizing our expansive Content Delivery Network (CDN), we place your content in close proximity to your clientele, curbing latency and delivering a swift, dependable online shopping experience. Integrated with our robust DDoS protection, Vecurity ensures your ecommerce platform withstands high traffic volumes and remains operational.

  • Latency Reduction: Delivers content fast by strategically caching near end-users.
  • Performance Optimization: Enhances user experience by optimizing site performance, critical for customer satisfaction and retention.
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