Customised Edge Rules

Customise and control the way your platform handles traffic with the use of customisable edge rules that will be deployed at the network edge.


How can vecurity help?

Customization is paramount for tailoring your platform management experience. We empower customers by providing the tools to create personalized rules, enabling precise control over security policies, processes, and handlers at both ends of their platform.

  • Multiple rule types
  • Handle anyone, at any condition
  • Create your own network logic
  • Determine how your platform works
  • Fully configurable
  • Reduce server load


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Swiftly manage your Application

With the use of Vecurity’s edge rules, you are able to handle each request however you’d like. This is done by configurating the requirements of meeting the rule produced, then a logical path will be followed to carry out how to handle a visitor's request.


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Quickly Prevent Loose Ends

Edge rules offer versatile functionality, allowing you to execute a range of handlers on requests, including block actions, filters, captcha pages, and more, across any endpoint within your application. This capability fulfills the diverse security requirements of our users, addressing a wide array of needs.

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Control anyone, anywhere

Selectively manage and control your visitors, with multiple configurable modes to control visitor behaviour and flows before they reach your platform, giving you greater power and control over each request to your application.


Harness the Power of Edge Rules

Optimize Security and Performance with Our Versatile Edge Rule Management