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Total Domains
Total domains info icon Total Domains

The number of domains that are accepted to be enrolled on this plan.

1 1 1
Total Subdomains
Total Subdomains info icon Total Subdomains

The number of subdomains that are accepted to be enrolled on a domain within this plan.

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
DNS Management
DNS Management info icon DNS Management

Access to our fast deploying, DNS record management system.

Vecurity VISE
Vecurity VISE info icon Vecurity VISE

Access to our bespoke, unique Virtual Intelligence Security Endpoint, allowing for powerful, systematic threat operating capabilities.

DDOS Mitigation
DDOS Mitigation info icon DDOS Mitigation

Unlock the power of our Layer 3,4 and 7 DDOS Protection.

Domain Scan
Domain Scan info icon Domain Scan

A daily scan of your domain to assess for issues.

Daily Daily Daily
Uptime Scan
Uptime Scan info icon Uptime Scan

A frequent scan with our web crawlers to identify if your application is online, including a webhook push notification.

Never Hourly 5 minutes
DNS Monitoring
DNS Monitoring info icon DNS Monitoring

A routine scan of DNS entries to protect against DNS hijacking.

Bandwidth info icon Bandwidth

The amount of traffic / bandwidth that is allowed for a domain.

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Improved Page Speed
Improved Page Speed info icon Improved Page Speed

The time between the first and last byte is reduced.

Reduced Server Load
Reduced Server Load info icon Reduced Server Load

Vecurity minimises the strain on your servers by distributing server load across our vast infrastructure.

Multi-tenancy info icon Multi-tenancy

Vecurity allows for you to distribute your security operation, with ease across your organisation.

Caching info icon Caching

Enhance up your application with the use of Vecurity's Caching capabilities, speeding up your platform, and reducing bandwidth.

Content Optimisation
Content Optimisation info icon Content Optimisation

Instantly gain a comprehensive content optimisation deployment, with asset compression and faster load times.

CDN info icon Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Gain the advantage of the Vecurity Content Delivery Network, serving your users with your content in a region closer to them.

Splash Pages
Splash Pages info icon Splash Pages

Deploying holding pages, parked pages, or even temporarily disabling your entire site, has never been easier for our instant deploying Splash Pages.

Free SSL Certificate
Free SSL Certificate info icon Free SSL Certificate

By enrolling your application with Vecurity, you instantly gain access to a free SSL certificate for all of your records.

DNS Proxy
DNS Proxy info icon DNS Proxy

Avoid the need of exposing your secretive data to the public, and stay protected by our DNS guarding network.

Account Management
Account Management info icon Account Management

A team of designated account managers to help with a full event escalation pathway to our technical teams.

Vecurity API
Vecurity API info icon Vecurity API

Systematically manage resources on your Vecurity account with our easy to use and seamless API.

Web App Firewall
Web App Firewall info icon Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Defend your application against common exploits and cyber threats with our comprehensive Web Application Firewall.

Bot Assessment
Bot Assessment info icon Bot Assessment

Gain access to our powerful bot analysing infrastructure, leveraging our Threat Intelligence framework, we handle bots the right way.

Block Bruteforce
Block Bruteforce info icon Block Bruteforce

Block automated scripts co-ordinated by attackers to breach your systems.

Support Type
Support Type info icon Support Type

When getting in touch with our support team, it's important to know the best solutions available.

Email Email Email + Account Manager
Support Response Time
Support Response Time info icon Support Response Time

The time taken for our support team to respond to requests.

1 week 48 hours 24 hours
Redirects info icon Redirects

Quickly divert traffic, or restore broken links with ease using our powerful traffic redirection tool.

Edge Rules
Edge Rules info icon Edge Rules

Customise logical movement across your application, with our powerful Edge Rules deployed directly on the network edge.

Advanced Analytics
Advanced Analytics info icon Advanced Analytics

Gain instant insights into your platform and how it's performing with our easy to use, Advanced Analytics.

Real Time Monitoring
Real Time Monitoring info icon Real Time Traffic Monitoring

In real time, monitor all events that are sent to your application, and action events as they come in.

Incident Response Service
Incident Response Service info icon Incident Response Service

If you suffer an incident, our specialist team will be on hand to assist in the diagnosis and prevention of attacks.

Threat Intelligence
Threat Intelligence info icon Threat Intelligence

Unlock a powerful suite of Cyber Intelligence tools to identify and combat threats against your digital platform.

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