Splash Pages

Few things are as frustrating as a malfunctioning application causing your entire platform to fail. With the power of Vecurity, you can swiftly deploy maintenance pages, instantly reassuring your visitors and restoring calm within seconds.


How can vecurity help?

Whether it's a malfunctioning application, a server mishap, or a disruptive network outage, any of these can spell disaster for your platform. Such critical issues can bewilder and drive away your visitors.

The moment you detect an outage within your platform, you can promptly launch a professional splash or maintenance page. This immediate action will soothe your visitors' concerns and ensure uninterrupted system uptime. Meanwhile, we'll take charge of managing the load, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

  • Zero Downtime Ensured
  • Instantly Deploy Maintenance Pages
  • Ability to completely divert all traffic
  • Calm your visitors with an elegant maintenance page
  • We handle server load whilst you fix application errors
  • Only a click away


Become proactive..

Maintenance Pages

If failover measures aren't in place, displaying maintenance pages at the application level might not be optimal. This is because incoming traffic can still traverse through. By leveraging Vecurity Maintenance, we gain the capability to deploy maintenance pages at the network edge. This proactive approach ensures that traffic doesn't directly reach your servers during maintenance, effectively mitigating potential issues.


still preparing?..

Park your Domain.

Planning to ensure security during the pre-deployment phase? No worries! Safeguard your domain at the network level while you refine your exceptional application. When you're ready, seamlessly transition to showcasing your server's content with just a single, instant click.

Stay in control..

Multiple Splash Modes

Elevate your domain management with Vecurity splash pages. Whether you need to park your domain, deploy maintenance pages, display a captivating "coming soon" alert, or even temporarily deactivate your website, it's all effortlessly achievable. Best of all, these changes are instantly communicated to your incoming traffic.


Always be prepared for the worst case.

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