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Maintaining Public Trust

In the arena of public sector governance, Vecurity asserts its role as a steadfast protector, offering a robust Web Application Firewall (WAF) and comprehensive DDOS protection through our Trigger Mitigation services. These tools are vital in preserving the operational integrity of government platforms against a multitude of cyber threats. Our Custom Edge Rules empower agencies to craft and enforce security measures that align seamlessly with governmental policy frameworks and operational protocols, reinforcing the safeguarding of digital resources and ensuring the continuity of public services.


Strengthening Public Trust with Proactive Cyber Defense

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Customized Security with Edge Rules

Vecurity's Custom Edge Rules offer public sector entities the power to create a security framework that's as unique as their service mandates. These rules are tailored to provide granular control over network traffic, allowing for a bespoke defense strategy that meets specific regulatory and operational standards. With Vecurity, public services can establish a robust security posture that's built for the complexity of governmental digital ecosystems.

  • Precision Policy Enforcement: Enable exacting control over your digital domain with custom-configured security protocols.
  • Adaptive Security Architecture: Evolve your cyber defenses in tandem with regulatory changes and emerging threats

Fortified DDOS Protection

Vecurity provides the public sector with formidable DDOS protection, ensuring the continuity of critical digital services in the face of escalating cyber assaults. Our Trigger Mitigation services act as a digital fortress, deflecting DDOS attacks and maintaining the availability of essential government platforms.

  • Upholding Service Availability: Maintain uninterrupted access to public services during DDOS attacks with advanced mitigation techniques.
  • Robust Infrastructure Defense: Protect the backbone of government operations from volumetric cyber threats.


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Web Application Firewall

Vecurity's Web Application Firewall (WAF) stands guard over public sector web applications, scrutinizing incoming traffic to prevent unauthorized intrusions and data exploitation. By filtering out malicious activities, Vecurity's WAF ensures that government platforms can operate securely and efficiently, instilling confidence in the public by protecting their interactions with government services.

  • Low-Latency Networking: Offers a faster connection to provide a smooth gaming experience.
  • Scalable Content Distribution: Efficiently handles surges in player traffic during game launches and updates.
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