Traffic Redirection

Ensure seamless traffic flow and safeguard your backlinks with Vecurity's Advanced Traffic Redirection System. Restore dead links, move traffic else where, and control your visitors with ease.


How can vecurity help?

When migrating your website's platform, a common challenge is the risk of leaving loose ends that could harm your SEO, particularly by losing backlinks to Error 404 pages. With Vecurity, you can proactively identify 404 errors and establish redirection rules to seamlessly reconnect lost backlinks to other relevant landing pages, preserving your SEO integrity.

  • Maintain SEO Backlinks
  • Identify lost traffic
  • Return traffic back to CTA's
  • 301/302 Redirections with ease
  • Easily configured
  • Instant deployment


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Traffic Redirects

Leverage our Redirect Solutions to streamline permanent page relocations, effectively signaling to web crawlers and maintaining your SEO integrity. This method prevents broken links and ensures uninterrupted platform functionality, preserving the seamless experience for your users.


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Retain Valuable Traffic

Vecurity's redirection management tool offers a streamlined solution for overseeing URL redirections across your entire platform, including all endpoints and subdomains, enabling instant deployment of rules. This centralized approach enhances user navigation, improves SEO efficiency, and ensures a consistent experience across your digital landscape, all manageable from a single, intuitive dashboard.

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Save Important Backlinks

The process of setting up and achieving backlinks to your platform is difficult, and it's even harder to maintain them during a platform migration. Which is why we have produced Vecurity's Redirection platform.


Migrate your platform without leaving any lose ends

Proactively identify 404 errors and establish redirection rules to seamlessly reconnect lost backlinks.